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  • FTC football stadion
    big celaning more times
    22.000 chairs, viewing area,office block, washrooms...
  • Tiszaligeti Waterball Arena in Szolnok
    big cleaning
  • Alba Hotel in Székesfehérvár
    big cleaning
  • Dagály Swimming pool in Budapest
    containers daily cleaning
  • Szolnoki football stadion
    viewing areas,chairs and washrooms big cleaning
  • Törekvés football-ground
    container cleaning (1,350 square metre)
  • Exedy Dynax hall and office block
    Tatabánya, big cleaning (7,000 square metre)
  • DHL Logistics Center in Ferihegy Airport
    big cleaning
  • Bridgestone factory in Tatabánya
    big cleaning, auxiliary work (1,5 year)
  • Hankookk factory in Dunaujváros
    big cleaning, auxiliary work
  • Henkel in Kőrösladány
    big cleaning 2012,2014
  • Waldorf kindergarten in Backnang, Németország
    big cleaning
  • Precast Öntödei KFT in Sátoraljaujhely
    big cleaning, auxiliary work (half year)
  • Düp Rogers hall in Budapest
    big cleaning
  • Düp Foxpost hall in Budapest
    big cleaning
  • Margitház Office block in Budapest
    big cleaning
  • Morahalmi hall
    big cleaning (10,000 square metre)
  • Espa Bio Arthotel in Zsámbék
    big cleaning
  • D2 office block in Budapest
    big cleaning
  • Osi hall in Taksony
    big cleaning
  • Masterprint Jelölésteknika Mérnöki és Tanácsadói KFT hall und office block in Iváncsa
    big cleaning
  • Lacipecsenye in Budapaest
    big cleaning, daily cleaning
  • Nestlé Hungária Kft in Bük
    big cleaning
  • Fire-station in Marcali
    big cleaning
  • Dab Szivattyúgyár in Nagykanizsa
    big cleaning
  • Winery in Bátaszék
    big cleaning
  • Graboplast hall in Tatabánya
    big cleaning
  • Coloplast- Tatabánya
    big cleaning, auxiliary work
  • Lidl Logisztikai Lözpont in Hejökürt
    big cleaning
  • Halls in Pákozd
    big cleaning
  • Pannon Lúd KFT in Mezökovácsháza
    big cleaning
  • Mercedesz Benz no.310 hall in Kecskemét
    big cleaning
  • HBPO csarnok Mercedesz Benz
    big cleaning
  • veszprémi hall and office block
    big cleaning
  • Metro - Győr
    - varnishing, covering
  • Bricostore - in Soroksár
    - varnishing, covering
  • Praktiker - in Budaörs
    - varnishing, covering
  • East-West Business Center
    - varnishing, covering, dry-cleaning of carpets
  • Meteorological Institute
    - big cleaning, varnishing, covering
  • Metrotech
    – dry cleaning of carpets
  • Váci Center
    – garage cleaning
  • Bricostore - in Budakalász
    - big cleaning, lawn mowing
  • DM - the whole store
    - chain big cleaning
  • Tesco - Pesti street
    - big cleaning
  • An office building in Október 6 street
    - full-scale big cleaning on 11 levels (12,5 square metres)
  • Betonút Rt.
    - office building big cleaning
  • Horváth school
    - window cleaning
  • Rajk László Technical School
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • Helikopter Residential Area
    - big cleaning, full-scale big cleaning of other residential areas
  • Strázsahegyi Residential Area
    - big cleaning at two surgeries
  • Blocks of flats
    - cleaning
  • Gros warehouses
    - full-scale cleaning
  • At Ferihegy 1 Airport
    - full-scale big cleaning for the DHL company four times a year
  • German-Hungarian school
    - big cleaning two times a year
  • K&H Bank
    - daily and big cleaning as subcontractors
  • Oriental Herbs Tea Factory
    - full-scale big cleaning on an area of 4,000 square metre, and daily cleaning
  • Daniella En Gros Ltd.
    - big cleaning and daily cleaning (12,000 square metre)
  • DHL
    - daily cleaning as subcontractors (40,000 square metre)
  • Hotel Espa 4-star
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • The Hungarian Geological Office
    -full-scale big cleaning
  • Escada
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • Toyota Car Saloon
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • Tesco in Sülysáp
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • D2 Office Building
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • Csalogány restaurant
    - big cleaning twice a month
  • Makó Marathon Project
    - full-scale big cleaning (45,000 square metre)
  • Tisza tavi Ökocentrum
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • Buddha Bar Hotel Budapest
    - 5 stars hotel full-scale big cleaning
  • Árkád Szeged
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • Layvér winery Szálka
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • Épitőcenter Szeged
    - full-scale big cleaning
  • Tesco Kőszeg
    - cleaning
  • Avon Gödöllő
    - truck loading unit cleaning>
  • warehouses's cleaning
  • restaurants's full-scale big cleaning

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